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When it comes to VPNs, sometimes you get what you pay for. The market is inundated with an array of paid VPN services that offer enhanced features and capabilities compared to their free counterparts. Many of these premium VPNs offer trial periods to assure you of their seamless integration with your internet connection. Moreover, they frequently come with money-back guarantees, ensuring your investment is secure.

But, wait a minute! Are you a gamer seeking low latency? Perhaps you’re a streaming aficionado looking to unblock Netflix’s treasure trove of content? Or maybe you are located in a country with stringent internet regulations such as the UAE? Different VPNs excel in various aspects and it’s crucial to note that despite being paid, some may not operate in certain regions or cater to specific needs.

This is where we step in. We have scoured the depths of the VPN landscape and compiled the cream of the crop of premium VPNs for you. Our list is tailored to reflect a diverse set of requirements, whether it be gaming, streaming, or bypassing geo-restrictions in tightly regulated regions.

Sponsored VPN: ThetaVPN – Fast & Anonymous 4+

ThetaVPN - Fast & Anonymous

    • VPN Service Provider: ThetaVPN LLC

    • App Store Ratings: 5.0, with 6 ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 4

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • ThetaVPN – 1 Month: $9.99

        • ThetaVPN – 3 Months: $24.99

        • ThetaVPN – 6 Months: $49.99

        • ThetaVPN – 1 Year: $79.99

VPN Review: VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy 4+

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

    • VPN Service Provider: Mobile Jump Pte Ltd

    • App Store Ratings: 4.6, with 1.6M ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 3

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • 1-Week Plan: $6.99

        • 1-Month Plan: $11.99

        • 12-Month Plan: $79.99

VPN Review: ExpressVPN – VPN Fast & Secure 4+

ExpressVPN for iPhone

    • VPN Service Provider: Express VPN

    • App Store Ratings: 4.7, with 272.2K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 3

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • 1-Month Subscription: $12.99

        • 6-Month Subscription: $59.99

        • 12-Month Subscription: $99.99

VPN Review: X-VPN – Best VPN Proxy master 4+

X-VPN for iPhone

    • VPN Service Provider: Free Connected Limited

    • App Store Ratings: 4.7, with 358.8K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 4

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Monthly Plan For Mobile & PC: $11.99

        • Monthly Plan For Mobile Device: $10.99

        • X-VPN Yearly Premium For All: $71.99

        • Yearly Plan For Mobile Devices: $61.99

VPN Review: VPN Surfshark – Web Privacy 4+

    • VPN Service Provider: Surfshark

    • App Store Ratings: 4.8, with 37.4K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 4

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • 1 Month: $10.99

        • 6 Months: $39.99

        • 12 Months of Unlimited VPN: $47.99

        • Annual VPN Subscription: $69.99

VPN Review: HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy 4+

    • VPN Service Provider: AnchorFree Inc.

    • App Store Ratings: 4.5, with 210.3K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 2

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Monthly VPN Subscription: $12.99

        • 1 year VPN subscription: $95.99

VPN Review: VPN Proxy Master – Super VPN 4+

    • VPN Service Provider: ALL Connected Co.,Ltd

    • App Store Ratings: 4.6, with 272.2K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 4

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Weekly VIP: $6.99

        • Monthly VPN Subscription: $12.99

        • Quarterly VIP: $29.99

        • VPN Proxy Master- Yearly plan: $79.99

VPN Review: Infinity VPN: Unlimited Proxy 4+

    • VPN Service Provider: QUTEN

    • App Store Ratings: 4.5, with 1.3K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 3

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Infinity Trial Week: $7.99

        • Infinity Trial Month: $24.99

        • Infinity Year: $69.99

VPN Review: Ostrich VPN – Unlimited Proxy 4+

    • VPN Service Provider: GeWare Technology Limited

    • App Store Ratings: 4.7, with 4K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 3

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Weekly Premium: $1.49

        • Monthly Premium: $3.99/$6.49

        • Yearly Premium: $24.99

VPN Review: Turbo VPN Private Browser 17+


    • App Store Ratings: 4.7, with 177.5K ratings

    • Number of Available Plans: 4

    • Plans & Pricing:
        • Weekly Plan: $9.99

        • Monthly Plan: $11.99/$13.99

        • Yearly Plan: $49.99/$59.99/$69.99

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  • Surfshark for iPhone

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